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Fadhili CBO was born way back before it was registered.  Approximately 7 months before registration.  This is the genesis.


One sunny afternoon in September 2013, our directors Ojwang Simiyu and Namuleyi Wasike went for a drive to check on a development project in Khayo, Kanduyi constituency.   Whilst at the site, the project's supervisor brought to our notice the plight of a young kid who could barely walk as a result of jiggers.  Ojwang, being a Public Health officer immediately asked to be taken to the boy's home where we found that his siblings, mother together with the family cat had severe jigger infestation.

Since the director's had not carried any drugs, they just took photos of the deplorable situation and promised to come back the following day to treat the family. 


This is the family abode as it was in September 2013.  The photo on the right is the wall that separated the bedroom and sitting room.


The photo above shows the state of the bedroom that had been practically neglected because Marto’s mother claimed that the husband had died on this bed right in this bedroom.  So the whole family slept in the sitting room.

That night, Ojwang Simiyu updated in a Bungoma social forum (County411) about the state of this family and especially Martin Wabwoba Wandabwa who was worst hit!  The update was titled OPERATION SAVE MARTO.  There was so much outpouring of love and support for this family.  The following day we went to the home and found that Red Cross had picked the family and taken them to their centre for treatment.  We followed them to the center where we were part of the volunteers that treated them and took them back home.




We started making follow up vistis almost on a daily basis.  Martin's family needed to be closely monitored because the mother had a mental challenge while the father was deceased.  Marto’s mother is so mentally challenged that she did not understand when food was not cooking.  At times we would go there and upon enquiring what they were having for lunch, she would claim that she was cooking githeri (a mixture of maize and beans yet there was no fire)

Members of an online forum County411 donated money that was used to buy foodstuff for the family.  Since Marto’s mum was mentally challenged and she could walk out of the house and disappear for days, we would take the food in rations. 

Marto’s mum receiving three days ration!

Marto’s aunt had to be on standby as she had the responsibility of ensuring that the food was well cooked.


We commissioned the aunt to take care of Marto and his siblings which she gladly did.  Noticing that their habitat was deplorable, we requested the governor (Bungoma County) to upgrade their living quarters which he gladly did.



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